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The Art and Science of Giving and Receiving

The wrapping paper lays crumpled and strewn around the living look at the tree in the corner and make plans to take it down before all of the needles become scattered throughout the relish in the new memories created this past holiday season as you look towards the coming of 2013.A new year, the symbol of do-overs and fresh starts in life.
I love watching the faces of my kids, friends and loved ones as they open the "perfect" gift I chose for that person.Whether it is the camping equipment for my step-son or the perfect socks for my daughter or the hammock for my son this past Christmas, it fills me with such great joy as I got it right!How often do we get it "right" for us?How often do we do for ourselves?
Women, the great caretakers of the world.Naturally wired in our brains and chemistry...we nurture...others.When it comes time to be the receiver of caretaking...we resist, we detour to the next available person, we give and give and give.I b…