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Radical Self-Love: Part One of Four

Welcome to Part One of a Four Part Series about LOVE....Radical Self-Love!!!
This is the season of love we are entering into...right?February is all about Valentine's Day and being in love.Walking into the grocery store or the clothing store or watching ads on is all about love.Red hearts, lingerie, chocolate candies, roses....Ah.....All this love has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is YOU!  If you do not love yourself, how will others see you for the goddess you are?This is the first of a four part series on Radical Self-Love.
It all starts in the womb.Warren Buffet was interviewed this past weekend on CBS this morning.He was not born into his wealth, he created it.  And now, at 82 he is giving a lot of it away.What does he attribute to his success?When interviewed he said that it all began in the womb...with luck.He was born a white male in the 1930's, not another race, not female.Now, when he says this he is not bashing the other alternatives...he is cl…