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The Pleasure Principle

By:  Ann Soe

Pleasure…I have been thinking about it, talking about it, reading about it and embracing it a lot lately.It is a powerful word.It evokes different things at different times to different people. One thing that seems consistent though is that women want it deep down but also struggle with it.I find myself drawn more each day to developing and sharing what I call the Pleasure Principle.It is a fundamental part of our message at Hot Pink YOUniversity.
So often we seem to have an underlying sense of discomfort, even guilt over the desire for pleasure.We somehow think it is an occasional luxury to seek pleasure.I now truly believe that it is essential for our health and that of our loved ones to expect and create pleasure in all areas of our lives. We wish to create joy, happiness and pleasure for others but feel guilty to seek it ourselves or even to accept it from others. Pleasure and joy allow us to be balanced and put our best selves out there in the world. If we wish to be …

Travel Lessons...

Why I Love Travel
There are always three phases of travel that give rise to each trip I take.There is the planning, the actual trip itself and the memories created as the aftermath of my travels.The planning is the anticipation, the building adrenaline as the day comes closer, the pouring over the travel books and imagining the sights to be seen, the food to eat, the experiences.This planning phase used to be my favorite part of the trip.I just got a rush as I dreamed of what I may experience.The faces of those whom I told, "yeah, I'm going to Costa Rica, next week...", and the look of envy as I prepared for my departure.I also really loved the aftermath, the memories, the photos, the look of envy on people's faces when I said, "yeah, I just got back from London....".But, this past trip I took elevated my spirit to just be in the moment.To experience the what is, not the what was or what will be.I think I just entered the phase that feels most right to me at…